Hip Hop Cops to Flying Cars: This Week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

Motorz_ViralVehicleVideosWelcome to your Friday! There’s nothing better than finishing off the week while indulging in the latest automotive videos. This week, we feature the longest car jump ever, how to get a date using just your car, and two police officers feeling the beat. Welcome to this week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

To start off with, getting a car airborne at all is pretty impressive. Getting a racecar to do it takes even more skill and quite a lot of courage. Going for the world’s longest car jump requires tons of all of the above with a touch of insanity. That’s exactly what French racing driver Guerlain Chicherit, in partnership with GoPro, set out to do.  Was he successful? See the incredible, incredible footage below.


In today’s world of Match.com and eHarmony, nearly everyone knows a friend of a friend who met someone online. However, not too many of us have picked up a date without saying a word. Fewer still have done it using their car alone. That seems to all change when the car of choice is a sparkling white Lamborghini Gallardo. YouTube regular Vitaly set out to see just how successful the Italian supercar can be as he spent a day in Hollywood cruising. Check out how well it worked in the video below!


Police officers do not have an easy job. From dealing with the general public, most of whom are not happy to get pulled over, to life-threatening emergencies, they rarely have a chance to let their guard down. When they do though, the result is usually pretty entertaining. That’s exactly what happened when two members of the Rosenberg Police Department used down time in their patrol car to lip sync to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. It is almost impossible to not get a kick out of how ridiculously good they are at it.


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