HIDprojectors Bring Entirely New Light To Your Vehicle

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 7.56.06 PMCar modifications usually have a singular purpose. Whether increasing performance or aesthetic appeal, a large portion of upgrades address either form or function. An exception to the rule comes in the form of your headlights, where new, more powerful units can enhance both your vehicle’s exterior and visibility. For a truly unique approach, few offerings come close to HIDprojectors 7″ round headlights.

It’s almost difficult to imagine headlights with as much flexibility and customization options as HIDprojectors units. Able to fit virtually any vehicle with 7″ round headlights, each set is created to fit a specific owners needs and specifications. As a base, every headlight includes bi-xenon projectors, 35W or 55W HID ballasts, custom housings with clear lenses, HID bulbs ranging from 4,300k to 6,000k and vehicle specific wiring harnesses.

From there, you can select from numerous options to create your ideal headlight package. One of our favorite features is the ability to control the lights from either an included remote control or app via your smartphone. With the app, you can select the hue of your light’s “halo” rings from a color wheel, along with various functions, including cycling through a set of colors, strobe flashing, etc. One mode will even coordinate the lights to operate in sync with whatever music is playing through your smartphone. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Installation is fairly straightforward, but it’s a good idea to have a buddy on hand who is experienced in vehicle electronics. For more information and to order, head to HIDprojectors.com. Plus, check out the Motorz episode below to see Chris interview Tom Heusinger from HIDprojectors at SEMA 2015. You can even see our very own project Jeep Wranger showcasing the 7″ headlights, and look for the install episode in the near future!


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  1. Hi Motorz,

    I saw this product review also in your latest episode from SEMA show.

    To be honest, I dont’t really understand the value what these adjustable projectors adds. From technical reason, it’s cool you can control the color mode from smartphone and choose whatever color you want, but except for some fun on garden party, I personaly don’t see any additional advantage of this.
    I was much more impressed by the PowerAll jumpstart battery, which is great from my perspective because of the small size/weight and it also gives you the possibility to charge your USB devices.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the nice reviews!

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