Help Silence Your Ride With HushMat

We spend a lot of time fixing up and driving our cars. We invest in killer audio systems, wheels and tires, engine modifications and other things to make our vehicles our own. However, how often do you think about reducing that irritating road noise or balancing out that great audio system?


Well the folks at HushMat have already thought about it for you. They provide an easy to install and low cost solution to your problems. You can choose between the HushMat Ultra, which is an excellent sound deadening material or their silencer MegaBond to help remove distortion from your mobile audio setup. They also offer many other solutions for other various automotive sound related issues. HushMat is simple to install, and often only requires the use of a razor knife. Check out Chris in the Partz segment below showing just how simple this process is.

When you’re done there why not catch the full episode it was featured in here!




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