Granatelli Coil Packs Fire Up Both MPG and HP

Motorz_GranatelliCoilPacksNo matter how much you love your vehicle, getting better miles per gallon is always a welcome improvement. Unfortunately, adding greater engine performance usually works in the opposite direction when it comes to MPGs. Thankfully, with Granatelli’s coil packs, you can have the rare combination of greater performance along with even better fuel milage!

Granatelli coil packs with coil on plug connectors offer an outstanding way to add performance and efficiency to your engine. Avalible in several different lines, these powerful components are made to handle any type of vehicle power. The OEM series is, as the name implies, a perfect replacement for any 1996-2010 vehicle. Putting out a full 10 percent more voltage that the standard unit, even the factory replacement will see a slight bump in performance. The Street Fighter series turns up the dial to 25,000 volts and is designed for customers who like Accel and MSD coils. For those looking for even greater fuel numbers, the MPG Plus line can deliver up to fifteen percent better milage than you are currently getting. It is an investment that will quickly pay for itself.

Now we are getting into really high performance territory. The 40,000 volts of the Hot Street line doubles up on the power provided by standard factory units. Designed for engines with minor upgrades, this is a nice mix of street civility and added grunt. For the truly power obsessed, the Pro Series sparks up an incredible 60,000 volts, or about 40,000 more than most factory offerings. Specifically for high-compression engines and small nitrous setups, the Pro Series can work for both street and race use. If you want the most power possible, the Pro Series Xtreme cranks out a staggering 65,000 volts. If you have a turbocharger, supercharger or high level nitrous setup, the Xtreme is your best bet.

The truly impressive performance comes from the advanced coil design which incorporates silicone magnetic steel core technology. The distance that the charge has to travel shortens from six feet to just two inches. This advanced design results in the unrivaled performance that Granatelli coil packs deliver.

For more information and to purchase, head to Granatelli’s official website and our Partz page. Check out the video below to see Chris give a full overview of these outstanding Coil Packs!


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