Goodyear Brings Driving Nirvana To Footwear

Buying shoes that are right for any occasion is no easy task. For auto enthusiasts, it’s an entirely different level of difficulty. There are a plethora of driving shoe options on the market, but typically with a steep price and materials that don’t always play nicely with the elements. However, thanks to one of the biggest names in the auto industry, finding the right kicks just got easier. Welcome to the full line of Goodyear Footwear.

Made to handle street, track and virtually anything in between, the Goodyear Footwear collection spans Work & Safety, Performance & Racing, Heritage, and Outdoor. Need hardcore steel toe booths? No problem – Work & Safety has you covered. When it’s time to hit the trails or face winter conditions, outdoor boots are ready. Dig old-school looks but with an automotive flair? Check out the classically fashionable Heritage collection.

Finally, for track day die-hards, head straight to Performance & Racing shoes. With design features including ultra-lightweight design, breathable fabric and rounded heel, you might be surprised how much more enjoyable Goodyear Racing shoes make your track days.

It is important to note that these driving shoes are not SFI rated, which is why the price point is surprisingly low. In essence, SFI specifications are a series of guidelines for motorsports-focused safety equipment, ranging from helmets to racing harnesses, shoes and much more. In large part, when it comes to shoes, that deals with fire-retardant materials and construction. Unless you plan on hitting the track for intense competition in full-on race cars, you’re likely fine with standard, non-SFI rated shoes. That’s much more of a concern for professional racing drivers than it is hobbyists.

Our very own Chris Duke, who knows a thing or two about driving footwear, got his hands on a few pairs. The verdict? If you’re looking for driving shoes that can also tackle any number of life’s situations, Goodyear Footwear was tailor made for you. When you’re ready to try out your own pair, enter the coupon code “Motorz” for 15% off of your first order!

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