GMC Truck AMP Research Bed X-Tender Installation (S01E11)

Chris Duke shows you how to install the AMP Research Bed X-Tender on a 2007 GMC pickup truck which gives your pickup’s bed an extra two feet to haul all your stuff.

  1. ahh.. the infamous birth of the bottle de-lidder.. =D i really like all the information on this install, and you showing how it goes on comes off so easily. i had no idea these strapped down and locked into the tailgate latch. awesome! cool show!!

  2. Thanks for that video. I just purchased a 2005 F-150 that came with a bed extender, but couldn’t figure out how to secure it when in the extended position. Turns out the dealer had the extender upside down so the straps didn’t reach the bed latches. Using your video I was able to tell where everything was supposed to go including how to remove the extender from the truck. Thanks!

  3. …very informative! ive been wanting to get one of these for my Tundra. ive read that Tundra owners dont have to do any drilling cuz they can use exiting holes? im not to sure about this info so anyone that drives a Tundra might want to research it more. another concern is that the Extender does not have a locking mechanism to prevent people from stealing it…

  4. i’ve owned the previous model on my 2k dakota & swear by it.. seeing this video, I will be getting this exact model for my *new* 07 dakota. LOVE the quick release side mounts & tail gate locks, to keep unit from jumping over bumps. Very Informative!

  5. Got mine Last night in the mail took only 1.5 hours to completely build/install was extremely simple and if anyone is wondering about the install on a 2010+ RAM it’s simple and the Bed already has indents that’s all you have to do is drill the pre made indents out and screw the mount on… I love it what a great product!!!!

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