Getting Hands On With Hypertech’s Max Energy 2.0 at SEMA 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.22.51 PMFor quite a while, we’ve been fans of the engine tuning experts at Hypertech. Dig into their phenomenal offerings and it doesn’t take long to see why. From muscle cars to diesel trucks and hardcore off-road machines, Hypertech has tuners ready for a huge variety of applications. We’re particularly excited about their newest product, the Max Energy 2.0.

Hypertech tuners, specifically the Max Energy line, have always offered a staggering amount of capability in one package. Functionality includes performance tuning gasoline, E-85 or diesel engines, calibrating your speedometer, fine tuning an automatic transmission, adjusting the rev limiter, reading/clearing diagnostic codes, selectable throttle restrictions and much more. It is genuinely difficult to think of another product with this much potential.

With the Max Energy 2.0, that same flexibility remains plus all-new additions. New functions include an easier to navigate menu, TPM adjustment for late model trucks and Jeeps, consolidation of parts numbers of greater convenience and more. There’s even a Max Energy 2.0 JK edition, with capabilities designed specifically for Jeep JKs. Worth noting is that Hypertech was the first company to release tuning programs for Jeeps. In fact, if you were at SEMA 2015, you may have seen the Motorz Jeep Wrangler at the Hypertech booth!

For more information and to purchase, head to the Hypertech official site. Check out the Motorz episode below to get the latest info on Max Energy 2.0 and all of our SEMA 2015 coverage!


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