Get Your Trailer’s Braking Under Control With Tekonsha’s P3

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.08.03 PMHaving a vehicle with the  capability to tow a large amount of cargo can make professional work (or even just weekend trips) much easier. From grills to boats or even other vehicles, many of today’s high-torque trucks can handle an astonishing amount of weight. However, while getting the train going is the first step, being able to safely stop it is the most important. Advanced vehicle systems help but without true control of your trailer’s brakes, far too much is left to chance. Secure peace of mind (and wallet) by investing in high-quality trailer brake control systems like those offered by Tekonsha.

The philosophy is simple but incredibly effective: the more control you have over trailer brake modulation, the most comfortable and safe you will be behind the wheel. The Tekonsha P3 offers that in spades. Five storable settings allow you to save different trailer configurations or driver preferences, which are selected quickly through the LCD display. All of the P3’s controls are accessible through the dashboard mounted unit and provide critical feedback when needed. For example, if trailer braking is lost for any reason, a flashing red warning alerts the driver to possible danger.

To allow for great flexibility, a unique boost controller allows you to instantly adjust levels of braking. Additionally, either electric or electric-over-hydraulic brake systems can be operated with the P3 for up to four braking axles. The entire control unit snaps into place and can be completely removed in a matter of minutes when not needed. Going one step further to keep you focused on driving, not the systems involved, a limited lifetime warranty is also included.

For more information on the P3 head to Tekonsha’s official website. Check out the video below to see Chris demonstrate this innovative system and much more!


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