Get Your Monster Truck On With The MMX Racing App!

IMG_0524Few things on earth are cooler than monster trucks. What’s not to like about incredibly powerful machines that are taller than small buildings and nearly unstoppable? Tricky thing is, they aren’t exactly practical or cheap to own. Neighbors tend to frown upon end-of-creation loudness at the beginning of the day. Plus, good luck finding a place to actually use one outside of rather expensive events. Luckily, you can now have monster sized fun through your iOS device. That’s right, there is now a monster truck app: Welcome to MMX Racing!

As far as over-the-top fun games go, this one is at the top of the charts. Build up your custom truck and take it though a variety of intensely destructive races, courses and events. No need to worry about beating this game too quickly. With hundreds of opponents, challenges and achievements to best, boredom is not in the MMX Racing vocabulary. Beyond straightforward racing, you can compete in car crush races, truck drifting and more. Feel like taking your skills online? MMX Racing offers a highly competitive and intoxicatingly fun multiplayer experience.

Feel like getting your monster truck career started? Head to the iOS App Store to download! Check out a gallery of screenshots below!

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