Get Turning With The Craftsman Torx Bit Socket Set

Torx Bit Socket SetIf you have a ratchet and are looking for additional flexibility, it can be difficult to find just the right socket set. However, the pros at Craftsman offer a range of sets of the highest professional grade. Specifically, the Evolv 7 piece Torx Bit Socket Set is made to tackle nearly any project.

Since this is a Craftsman set, each socket is made of ultra-high quality steel. Made to be rust proof, this set is designed to be used for years even in direct exposure to the outdoors. An ideal match for any square 3/8″ drive ratchet or impact, the versatility of this set allows you to manipulate a huge range of bolts. As with typical Craftsman build standards, the Evolv sockets are made to distribute tension along the shaft with every turn. This provides even distribution along the shaft. Thus, not only do you have greater control, but the lifespan of the set will far exceed other tools.

To ensure that even the most specialized jobs are not issue, the Torx Bit Socket set includes seven sizes: T15, T20, T25, T30, T40, T45 and T50. No matter what size you’re using, you can deliver instantaneous torque to any Torx screws. As with all Craftsman products, the set comes with a lifetime warranty.

Sound interesting? For more information and to purchase head to the Sears website and visit our Partz page. Check out the video below to see Chris demonstrate the power of this set and much more!


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