Get The Summer Shine Back With Mothers’ FX Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Motorz_MothersFXWheelTireAs we approach the summer months, taking time to care for your car’s finish is increasingly relevant. During the winter and possibly early spring (depending on your location) salt, dirt and a variety of unpleasant elements can attach themselves to your vehicle. Unfortunately, while your car’s body has some exposure, the wheels are tires undergo a constant bombardment. Regular car washes certainly help but going a few steps further can truly bring back the luster of factory condition. For an easy, incredibly effective solution, try Mothers’ FX Wheel and Tire Cleaner.

Using advanced chemical composition, the FX cleaner is designed to remove layers of debris without damaging either the tire or wheel. FX is safe to use on all factory wheels and hubcaps with a wide variety of finishes including paint, clear coat, steel, modular and chrome. Instead of having to narrowly spray on only metal or rubber, simply spray on, hose off and let it dry. The fast-acting, non-acidic foaming cleaner is designed to be tough on unwanted elements but harmless to even the most complex wheels.

Note: Do not use this product on roughcast aluminum, billet or anodized wheels. Additionally, avoid using it on any motorcycle wheels, tires or components.

For more information on the FX Wheel and Tire Cleaner along with a variety of Mothers’ products, visit the official website.

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