Get The Mother Of All Wrap Protection With Mothers Polishes

Motorz_MothersWrapCareThough it’s one of the newest trends in the automotive world, vehicle wraps have become extremely popular. Providing crisp, incredibly detailed graphics with the huge benefit of removal instead of repainting, it isn’t difficult to see why. A scratch or chip in a natural matte finish can be a massive expense. The same mark from road debris on a matte wrap is significantly more practical to repair. Yet, special care still needs to be taken for the longest wrap lifetime possible. For the best, most cost effective solution, check out the Mothers Polishes Vehicle Wrap Care lineup.

Mothers has long been the leader in automotive finish products. That reputation continues on with their selection of polishes made to keep your wrap in better-than-new condition. The Mothers Hand Glaze and Orbital Polisher provides the first step in removing swirls or any imperfections in the wrap finish. Followed up by Pure Brazilian Carnauba wax and detail spray, any marks, swirls, small scratches, etc. vanish. Beyond removing imperfections in the wrap, this process brings the color out like never before. For a glossy wrap, the Showtime Instant Detailer will work brilliantly. If you’re working with a flat matte finish, go with the Professional Instant Detailer, as it prevents unwanted gloss. To avoid adding fingerprints during the entire process, add in a set of DetailGloves.

For a complete overview of Mothers Wrap Care products, head to the official Mothers website. To see Chris demonstrate the application order and process, check out the Motorz Partz feature below!


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