Get Up To Speed With SEMA 2015

002-splitr-front-and-sideChristmas is beautiful. But if you have gasoline coursing through your veins, this is the most wonderful time of the year. As the 2015 SEMA Show gets ready to kick-off (Nov 3-6), the previews, rumor confirmations and surprise announcements are growing by the hour. Want to keep up with the hype? We have you covered. Here’s what you need to know as we get ready for the world’s greatest aftermarket trade show:

1. Horsepower is King

BLOOD TYPE RACING RETURNS TO SEMA, BRINGING ALONG A SINISTER VELOSTER TURBOEvery year, SEMA seems to have a few themes that dominate the show. This time around, horsepower is clearly one of them. When you hear the name Hyundai, you probably think of a cheap alternative to Honda. That’s about the change. Teaming up with Blood Type Racing (bonus points for the name), Hyundai is bringing a very, very modified Veloster to the party. Modified to the tune of over 500 hp, a wild bodykit, custom (and caged) interior, and much more.

In case 500 ponies isn’t quite enough, fear not. The Ringbrothers are presenting a 959 horsepower, carbon fiber bodied, custom-everything Mustang fastback. We covered this beast in a previous post, and will have more details to share in the near future. Stay tuned. We certainly will be.

2. Design isn’t far Behind

2016-Ford-SEMA-SUV-101-876x535The new Ford Edge and Explorer are pretty good looking SUVs in stock form. Thanks to the car Gods, some of Ford’s more rebellious designers clearly think it can be better. That’s why their rolling out a handful of stunning concepts this year, in partnership with highly respected design and tuning houses. You know it’s going to be good when the mildest of the bunch is light blue with green mirrors and brake calipers. And, oh yeah, it’s supercharged. If your idea of a Saturday is taking the kids to soccer and then slaying sports cars at the drag strip, get ready for some seriously exciting family-friendly hot rods.

3. The Raptor is Dead. Long live the Raptor.  

F-150 SEMAThe F-150 Raptor was never meant to be a long-term production vehicle. Regardless, it’s hard to overstate how much we miss it in the Ford lineup. Clearly someone is listening, because the Blue Oval is rolling out seven red-hot, wildly modified F-150’s at our favorite Vegas trade show. From luxurious cruiser to all-out street rod and everything in between, even the most die-hard Chevy fan will be hard pressed to find something to dislike in this mix. We cannot wait to see what these pickups look like in person.


All three of those releases are exciting. Ready for the best news? It’s just the beginning. With SEMA getting underway November 3, stay tuned to Motorz here, on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest news, reveals and not-to-miss highlights!


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