Get Muddy With Dick Cepek Country Mud Tires

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 2.52For some pickup truck owners, their trucks will never see dirt. Whether it is a personal truck or used for always hauling loads on pavement, the factory tires are more than enough. Yet, for those that head seriously off-road, stock tires are simply not going to cut it. In that case, turn to the Dick Cepek Mud Country tire!

This is a seriously hardcore tire and means serious business. Featuring a 3-ply sidewall made with cross-ply technology, this tire provides better handling, increased puncture/tear resistance and increased towing ability. The massive tread not only provides increased traction but makes cleaning the rubber a very quick task. Better yet, for the larger sizes of the Mud Country, the load rating is significantly higher than any stock tire.

Available in either outlined white letter or black sidewall designs, the Mud Country is sold in a huge range of sizes. For more information, head to the Dick Cepek website or the Partz page. To see what this massive tire looks like, check out the video below to see Chris go over it in detail!


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