Get More Control With Skyjacker Shocks

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 1.06Your shock absorbers serve two primary functions: keeping the ride of your truck comfortable while also ensuring you have total control. When shocks begin reaching the end of their lifecycle, usually after a few years of hard work, it is time to replace them.

How can you tell? If the rear of your truck seems slightly unstable when you hit imperfections in the road, it’s due to your shocks not applying downward pressure. This lack of downward pressure means that your shocks aren’t absorbing much of the impact.

When we replaced the shocks on our F-150 here at Motorz, we went with monotube shocks from Skyjacker. For over 35 years Skyjacker has been making cutting-edge suspension components for a wide range of trucks. With all that experience, you know you’re getting a premium product. These new units were both quick and easy to install on our truck. Simply follow the installation instructions and you’ll be ready to go!

In fact, we were so pleased with our new shock absorbers that we went ahead and also installed new struts on the F-150, also from Skyjacker.

For more information head to the Skyjacker website and watch the video below to see Chris give a full overview of Skyjacker shocks!

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