Get Covered With A.P.E. Wraps

Motorz_APEWraps1It’s incredibly difficult to imagine how many aesthetic upgrades are available for the Ford Mustang. However, no matter how beautifully designed a body kit or wheel set may be, it is the paint that draws the first glance. Unfortunately, deciding to repaint your car, especially if it involves a complex design, can be an almost unbelievably expensive, time consuming undertaking. For a remarkably cost effective solution turn to the experts at A.P.E. Wraps.

Rather than respraying your car, a vinyl wrap provides an affordable, flexible and replaceable way to alter your vehicle’s appearance. To put it simply, A.P.E. Wraps are massive vinyl decals that can cover from a few body panels to the entire exterior of your ride. Unlike traditional paint, the versatility of wrap design means that if you can imagine it, A.P.E. Wraps can create it. Whether for a company car, work vehicle or just your daily driver, no job is too large or small for this incredibly talented group of designers.

Made to handle anything from UV rays to stone chips and road debris, this ultra high-performance material is designed for a long life. Depending on climate and vinyl upkeep, A.P.E. Wraps can generally last for a minimum of one to well over five years. Better yet, it will not damage OEM paint. Thus, if you feel like changing the wrap at any point, there’s no risk. Design and delivery of a wrap generally take around 10-20 days. The application can be finished in a few hours or a couple days, depending on the size of the vinyl. Considering the incredible precision and skill required to apply the wrap, this is a job best left to the experts.

Head to the official A.P.E. Wraps website for more information and to purchase your own. To see Chris walk you through the entire application process on a brand new Mustang, check out the video below!


Also watch this episode which shows you everything you ever wanted to know about vehicle wraps!


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