Get Better Than Factory With Westin Automotive Bumpers

Westin_MotorzWhen it comes to dependability, a solid and reliable truck can truly be the difference maker. Whether it’s a hard working vehicle on a day to day basis or simply a useful tool in the garage, keeping your truck in top shape can ensure it keeps on going on matter what the demand. Though the engine, suspension and transmission are relatively sheltered from the harsher elements of nature, the exterior of your truck regularly takes on everything the road can through at it. Of all the outside components, the one perhaps most critical is the rear bumper. Keep it in prime condition by replacing an aging one with an OEM-spec unit from Westin Automotive.

Made from the same high-quality processes that  factory manufacturers utilize, Westin’s replacement truck bumpers are designed to stand up to every mile of the long road ahead. Made of stamped, formed steel and tested extensively for maximum strength, even factory issue has a tough time comparing. In keeping with the high quality construction, Westin bumpers include step, face and hitch pads that match with factory style. Better yet, rather than just purchasing certain parts from different makers, Westin provides the entire assembly with their bumpers. Available in chrome, black or grey, there is a fit no matter what your style. To guarantee the highest confidence, each bumper comes with a three year warranty.

For more information head to the official Westin website and visit our Partz Page. Check out the video below to see Chris install an all new Westin replacement bumper step-by-step!


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