From The Worst Tow Ever To Incredible Illusions: This Week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 8.39.18 PMWelcome to your Friday! As always, we have prepared a collection of viral videos to get your weekend off to an epic start. This week’s selection has a definite theme through each video: illusion. From invincibility to obstacles and even intelligence, all three appear to be real but quickly turn out otherwise. Whether it’s car-meets-train, an unbelievably well done ad or just hilariously bad judgement, amazement awaits below. Enjoy this week’s viral vehicle videos!

One of the biggest delays you can run into during your commute is a lengthy freight train. Just one can lead to several minutes of sitting at the gate and waiting. After a few dozen times of having this happen, it can become increasingly tempting to try and race through the gates before the train arrives. However, the shocking reality of what can happen if you don’t make it is sobering. It might be thrilling to beat an oncoming train but the consequence for getting the timing wrong is at minimum your life. Start the below video at about 2:40 to see what it looks like when a 70 mph train slams into an unoccupied mini van. Odds are, you’ll think twice about jumping the lights:


Towing a car is not always an easy thing to do. Yet, even among the most inexperienced of us, we probably could fare better than the gentleman in the clip below. Not only did he manage to fail at his task but then obliterated what little remained of the poor Mazda hatchback. The owner, who was recording the entire incident, said it best, “You have to be kidding me.” Hopefully he had insurance because he definitely no longer has a car. Fair warning: due to language used at 0:16 in the video, if you’re at work, probably best to mute this one.


As far as illusions go, Honda really has taken it to a new level. As this ingenious video starts, the visual tricks seem simple. That does not last long. With each passing moment, the head-scratching trickery grows more complex and substantially more amazing. Ready to have your eyes completely fooled? Check out the video below. We promise you will not be disappointed:


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