From The Gates Of Hell: The 700+ HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Motorz_DodgeHellcatThe muscle car wars are quickly heating up in a very good way. The Camaro ZL1 combines power and handling on an almost zen-level. The Ford Mustang GT is the best looking Mustang yet and the upcoming Shelby GT350R version looks (and sounds) like it will increase power considerably. However, the newest arrival doesn’t just bring a gun to a knife fight. More like a howitzer. Welcome to the scarcely believable 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that cars like the C7 Corvette Stingray are huge bargains for the money. Yet, the Hellcat redefines how much performance can be had for under $60k. You read that correctly. The epic 6.2L V8 and all of its 700+ horsepower can be yours for $59,900. Usually when a basic car gets enormous power, it is not translated particularly well to the road. That is not a problem here. The 1/4 mile, holy grail of muscle car-dom, comes and goes in a truly extraordinary 11.1 seconds. On street legal radials, it will yank a blistering 10.86 time. That’s faster than the half-million dollar Ferrari F12. It is also quite a lot faster than any factory muscle car. Ever.

In an unusual turn of events, not only is the Challenger cheaper and much more powerful than its rivals, it likely is the most practical as well. In case you were wondering about where else you can get 700+ horsepower from a factory car, you will need to travel upmarket. Significantly upmarket. To put it simply, the next “cheapest” option is to write a check for a Lamborghini Aventador. For ten times the price of the Hellcat. It clearly is too early for Dodge to declare victory is the latest round of American muscle. Yet, when you consider how much performance they are offering for well below the price of alternatives, it is going to be a very tough act to match.

Ready to see just how untamed the Hellcat is going to be? Check out the video below!


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