From Teddy Bears To Darth Vader: This Week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.59.48 PMWelcome to this week’s edition of Viral Vehicle Videos! In a world now consumed by social media, finding videos worth sharing can be overwhelming at times. However, with the three gems below, we have made your job easy! From a teddy bear who just wants somebody to love to possibly the most evil car ever made, you won’t find a most diverse grouping of viral hits than the three below. Check this week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

Becoming an American Sign Language interpreter is one of the most selfless decisions a person can make. From learning a language that is incredibly difficult to endlessly providing for others, the career truly makes a world of difference to millions of people. What if your fiancee happened to be an ASL interpreter and you wanted to participate in their work? That’s exactly what this couple did. To make it even more special, the learner in this video, Paul, decided learn from his ASL-fluent fiancee by signing through a legendary song from Grease with her. As far as truly touching and entertaining videos go, few rival this. Which helps to explain why it already has well over 800k views:


The majority of stuffed animals come and go, but the ubiquitous teddy bear will probably be with us forever. Remember in a previous iteration of VVV when we featured the invisible seat prank? That same comedic genius returns with his “driverless” car. However, this time he adds in an extra large teddy bear. Imagine working your job at the drive through, the hours are getting long, ever customer looks the same…and then a teddy bear rolls up. That probably would make your week, if not month, if not life. The reactions in the video below certainly indicate that. Nearly three-million viewers cannot get enough of the fluff:


Teddy bears are fluffy, make for companions in good and bad times and generally are more harmless that anything on Earth. Darth Vader is the opposite of all of those things. Pure evil seems to nicely describe the attitude of the Sith Lord. Now imagine what that would look like in car form. Ready to see it come to life? Hot Wheels decided the time has come and the result they produced is incredible. Oozing ominous presence mixed with zero empathy, this wild ride screams “join the dark side.” Check out the clip below and see what the rebel alliance has to deal with now:


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