From Jim Carrey to Six Second Supras: This Week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 6.17.55 PMWelcome to this week’s edition of Viral Vehicle Videos! As far as eclectic combinations go, it is difficult to beat the three videos below. First up is an incredible take on Matthew McConaughey’s new Lincoln ads, courtesy of the one-and-only Jim Carrey. Next up, BMW showcases just how good drifters can be by setting up a race course…with M cars as the barriers. Finally, a Toyota Supra manages to set an almost unbeatable world record. Let’s get started!

While Matthew McConaughey is hardly controversial, the new Lincoln ads featuring the academy award winning actor fit the description. Luckily, it has not taken long for comedic minds to begin offering alternatives to the somewhat aloof Lincoln campaign. The best may be Jim Carrey’s series of ads, courtesy of Saturday Night Live. There are many funny videos on YouTube, but this is in a class of its own. Check it out!


No one has ever accused drifters of having an easy job. In fact, there are few areas of car control that require as much focus, dedication and skill. Having concrete barriers is scary enough, but what if you want to turn the dial up to eleven? BMW did exactly that in a very big way. Instead of tire barriers, they selected enthusiasts’ own M cars to serve as the course outline. Can the all-new M4 have what it takes to avoid a wildly expensive mistake? Click play and see for yourself!


Getting a Bugatti Veyron or McLaren F1 to go 241 miles per hour on a hugely long, banked oval is one thing. Finding a way to rip six second quarter-miles in a Toyota Supra, still with its factory engine at its core, is a different animal entirely. Due to the phenomenal resources and determination of one racing team, this quickly-becoming-legendary car managed that feat. Plus quite a lot more. Ready to experience jaw dropping acceleration? Check out the video below!


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