From Epic High Fives to Land Based Private Jets: This Week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.30.10 PMWelcome to the next iteration of Viral Vehicle Videos! This week, we feature a collection that will leave you with a new list of wants. From a van that doubles as a private jet to the world’s first perfect cupholder and the best high five idea yet, it’s impossible to watch these three without being seriously impressed. You made it to Friday, now it’s time to start the weekend off right. Welcome to this week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

When you think of a van, insane luxury is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Then again, the Klassen Vlano VIP Limousine has about as much in common with a Fed-Ex van as an F-22 does with a kite. This isn’t automotive luxury. This is something that would make a private jet blush. From the highest quality quilted leather covering every inch of the interior to seamless tecnhological integration, you likely have never seen anything quite like this. Never thought you’d want a mini-van in your garage? That’s about to change:


Few gestures are quite as signifying of friendship as the high five. Nearly universally accepted as a symbol of approval and warmth, can you think of anyone who would turn down an epic high five? Neither can we. Few, however, are able to take a high five to well over half a million views. That’s exactly what went down in New York. For random people trying to hail a cab, one good Samaritan decided to light up quite a few smiles. Lost a little faith in humanity? Watch the clip below and get ready for it to be restored:


Having your morning coffee on the way to work is one of life’s small but greatly appreciated pleasures. Having that coffee spill on your spotless interior because of an unanticipated bump…that’s something very, very different. Thanks to one ingenious solution, soon you may not have that problem at all. If we can put a man on the moon, it’s about time someone invested gyroscoping cupholders. Incredibly, that day may be right around the corner. Check out the video below, this is something you’ll definietelty want to check out:


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