From Dancing Traffic Lights to Paranormal Cars: This Week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.37.05 PMWelcome to the newest edition of Viral Vehicle Videos! This collection seems to have a common theme: things are not always what they seem. Our first video showcases a stunning technological advancement that allows for cars you can buy now to be nearly autonomous. The second takes a more ghostly approach as a well planned scare nearly sends someone into shock with one of the best car pranks we have seen in a while. Finally, in our third video, one car company comes up with an ingenious way to entertain people waiting for a crosswalk to signal “Go.” In each case, one thing is for sure: you won’t want to miss this week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

As we have witnessed through the Google car, the autonomous vehicle is slowly becoming a reality. Unfortunately for fans, even the most realistic production version may still be a lifetime away. However, some of those same technologies are in place in cars you can drive on the street today. Hyundai decided to take a truly wild step in showcasing the true advancement of their driver aids. After achieving a given speed, stunt drivers literally jump out of moving cars onto a semi truck. What happens next must been seen to be believed.


Getting a Halloween scare out of a friend is generally a pretty satisfying activity. Turning it up to the viral level multiples that factor exponentially. That is exactly what the creator of the clip below managed to pull off. Using his car, he put together one of the best ‘paranormal’ vehicular spectacles you will likely see for some time. Try not to get too scared, because seeing the reaction his friend goes through is truly incredible. Ready for an epic laugh? Check out the video below!


Waiting, no matter how patient you are, is never, ever fun. Even the most composed of us will get tired of standing around after long enough. At crosswalks, this can be a surprisingly serious problem. Incidents of cars hitting pedestrians that tried to cross a busy intersection with a “Don’t Walk” signal are far from uncommon. One automaker, Smart, decided to take a stand: by implementing real-time, dancing traffic lights. Calling it a success is a massive understatement. In fact, over 80 percent more people stopped until the signal told them to walk. Waiting but having huge fun while doing it? Now there is a winning combination. Check it out here!


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