Ford Racing’s Fuel Pump Juices Up Your High Performance Pony

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.27.25 PMFor all of the Mustangs we have modified on Motorz, one fact has remained the same: these beasts were not made to move slowly. Often putting up in excess of 350 horsepower, these high performance engines have tight tolerances for maximum performance. Topping the list of critical upgrades for a modified Mustang is a new fuel pump. For one of the best on the market, check out Ford Racing’s own GT Dual Fuel Pump Kit.

Made for Mustangs with over 400 horsepower, this top-shelf performer guarantees that your engine is getting all of the juice it needs. The kit includes the harness, dual fuel pumps, drop in housing and fuel pump driver module from the 2010 SVT Mustang. Additionally, all installation hardware is included, removing any need for extra expense. Key to note is that computer calibration is required but not included. Unless you have experience calibrating performance fuel pumps, that probably is a job best left to your local performance shop.

The GT Dual Fuel Pump Kit can be installed on any 2005-2009 Mustang GT. While it is possible to fit the pump in a non-GT, this will result in incorrect fuel gauge readings. For more information and to purchase, head to Ford Racing’s official site. Check out the video below to see Chris review this kit and give an installation overview!


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