1. It is always safer to remove the negative battery cable instead, the reason is if your wrench ever touches any metal part on the car when removing the positive cable you will create a short and burn out the fusable links and probably your hand on the hot wrench. All that can always be prevented by always removing the negative cable first which is ground so if wrench touches the chassis if doesn’t matter. I hope this tip saves someone some grief.

  2. you use posi-tap I went to the website to buy one and noticed there are several sizes. What size should i buy if I want to use this for installing a car remote starter like you’ve done. Thanks

  3. Sup Chris, a while back i bought a car alarm for my car. The alarm supposedly have the engine start but the owner of the shop said that i have to pay extra if i want that option. So i didnt, because it was like 100 dollars more. So i was wandering, for the engine start option, is it just some wiring that you do for it to work? or does it have its own little box or harness that is needed? Because if its just wiring, then can I wired them myself to make the engine start on my car alarm work?

  4. @st604boy Honestly, I can’t say since we didn’t install it. Since it’s an option I’m assuming it’s another part that you have to buy that adds onto it and requires connecting wires to the starter. Perhaps someone else who’s done it can respond with their experiences.

  5. i need help installing my all its the same as the one on this video i took it off my other car 2put it in my new one but i cant figure out were 2conecet 2lil wires there green/white & green/black any body hepl me out plz thankz

  6. @motorztv If you saw how bad this was installed, you would understand, haha, I think whoever owned the car before me and installed this in has never touched a saudering iron in thier life, there is electrical tape EVERYWHERE and the biggest nest of wires iv ever seen in my life.

  7. @mrbiggoggles314 It’s a wonder how some people think they are mechanics for a day. I bought my 95 F150 Eddie Bauer from my sister, the former owner installed an alarm, but, the truck came stock with an alarm as well, the stock offered an alarm with keyless entry, the Commando FM-870 they installed offered Alarm and Remote start, which is fine, until you get to the alarm aspect, the whole system is messed up, I removed ALL of it, and installed a Viper 5701, everything is fixed now.

  8. @NYVideoGuy the main problem with that is if the car has one of those things where you have to take it to a dealer to reset it, and its always good to test for wires before installing them, example, I installed one in a camery, and there where 2 black yellow wires, one for starter, one for ignition, I had to test them, cause they looked the same

  9. @MrYoungNbrown I would second the advice given of checking in with Viper on that, and also add my own advice from installing a Mars 01 Remote Start on a 1996 Toyota Camry, and the difference between ust installing the alarm and the alarm with remote start is that there are a lot more wires to attach to start the car and also possible wires you have to cut in order to add in the anti-grind/engine disabler relay. It’s a mouthful, but if you find the right wiring information as to where to attach

  10. @MrYoungNbrown the remaining wires, then you’ll be good to go. And hopefully the installer didn’t bone you by cutting off those wires that went to your harness that connected itself to the brain. If I can do it, you can do it. Just remember to disconnect the battery like he said. I can’t tell you how may times I’ve burn fuses by making contact to ground. Also I’ve had a 94 Accord before and good for you because you don’t have any bypasses needed like the newer systems, just get access underneath

  11. I just wanted to say that I’m glad to hear about posi-taps they look like they would be extremely secure as something that is threaded on both ends should be nearly impossible to pull apart. I had my doubts about the tap side until you showed how they worked, their site is a bit misleading. I just ordered a couple sets of taps and twists from their site, looking forward to “fixing” the one connector I couldn’t solder which has left me a bit worried. Thanks for the tutorial.

  12. @Guyfromhe You’re welcome. Thanks for watching! We have used them quite a bit and we have never had any failure with them, inside or outside of our project vehicles. There are a lot of nay-sayers about them (and I do agree soldering is always better), but if you have a ton of wires to solder (in tight spots) then this is by far the easier way to go.

  13. @motorztv I also just went to your website. This is an awesome show! really enjoying watching the how to stuff. Even though a lot of it doesn’t directly apply to me I think it’s super cool learning how it’s actually done. As far as the posi-taps go the connection I will be using it on it currently friction fitted into a fuse holder and taped down so pretty much anything would be more secure than that, though it has yet to come out so far :P Thx again.

  14. I’ve watched your video and I must disagree with your connectors and time issue. I’ve been installing mobile electronics for 18 years and I would say that stripping to wire and soldering the wire is faster than installing the connectors. Soldering is also more reliable and you did mention that in your explanation. I do agree to the comment about disconnecting the negative terminal instead of the positive to avoid shorting out fuse links or others. I really enjoyed your video…good work.

  15. i have this exact set-up Viper 5900, no problems,work flawlessly, my local shop gave me an extra sensor for the rear of the vehicle for free, $289 installed + tax

  16. @syl20rochon Hey Man I Have A 95 Thunderbird With A Aftermarket Alarm, ( I Dont Belive Its Factory!). Its Shorting Out, And Down By The Driverside Kick Plane, Theres Something, lol If I Smack The Shit Out Of It, It Works( Sometime)! lmao. Is There Anyway Just To Bypass The Alarm? If I Cant Disarm It, The Car Dont Turn Over! Please Any Help Would Be Appreciated!

  17. @syl20rochon  Hey Man I Have A 95 Thunderbird With A Aftermarket Alarm, ( I Dont Belive Its Factory!). Its Shorting Out, And Down By The Driverside Kick Plane, Theres Something, lol If I Smack The Shit Out Of It, It Works( Sometime)! lmao. Is There Anyway Just To Bypass The Alarm? If I Cant Disarm It, The Car Dont Turn Over! Please Any Help Would Be Appreciated!

  18. soldering is not a good idea for a car wiring harness. There is constant vibration and movement. The best imo is the crimp connectors with the sealing shrink tube. From auto repair manual- While soldering is not inherently faulty, soldered terminations tend to be reliable and economical ONLY when prepared in a controlled manufacturing environment, and ONLY when the attached components are not subject to flexing or vibration. Thus, soldering is not recommended for auto wiring harness repair.


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