Ford Mustang MagnaFlow Exhaust Installation (S02E12)

Chris Duke shows you how to improve the performance of your 2008 Ford Mustang GT by installing a MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust system.

Episode Notes

The part number we installed is 15883 from MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust: V8 4.6L GAS 2.5in System, Magnapak Mufflers, Performance Tuned; Aggressive Tone, dual rear exit. For dyno information on this specific exhaust, click here. For installation instructions, click here.

Episode Synopsis

Over a year and 29 episodes ago, Motorz TV started with a pilot episode where we installed a MagnaFlow exhaust on our project Ford F-150 pickup truck. Man, a lot has changed since then. It was called “Truckblog TV” back then, a spinoff concept based on my truck blog called

I was asked by MagnaFlow to write an article for Truckblog, much like I have been doing for the past 10 years or so. I had been thinking about trying a video install format for a while, and so Jason and I just went for it–the first episode of MOTORZ TV was born. That pilot also happens to be the only episode where we published a written install as well, available at Truckblog (and the only episode where I wear shorts and a t-shirt!)

Watch episode #1 and then watch this new episode (#29) and you’ll see how far we’ve come over the past year!

As for installation, it’s pretty simple. Jack up your car (or put it on a lift) and remove the old exhaust, then put on the new one. We really had to jack our Mustang up high in order to put the new over-the-axle pipes on, which is why I highly recommend (twice in this episode) to take your vehicle to a shop and use a lift. It’s mainly a safety concern… you have to lift it extremely high so if you do attempt it at home, be sure to secure the front with wheel blocks, and use strong jack stands, and just be very very careful. Some exhausts come in three sections (like the F-150 install), but this Mustang exhaust is only in two parts which increases the difficulty level of the install.

One part of the install that can be very time consuming is the alignment. The Mustang has two exhaust cutouts in the bumper for the tips to sit just right. In order to align them you have to make sure that all your bolts are loose, then align the tip… tighten, align, tighten, etc. It can be quite a struggle, so just be sure to take your time… just when you think it’s not going to fit, you wiggle or bang a pipe just right and it settles into place–right where you want it!

  1. Best series ever! Why did you change the intro from ''hi im chris duke…….AND THIS IS MOTORS'' I miss that, anyways good vid!

  2. Thanks for the comment. We changed up the intro a bit to give the viewer a little bit more info as to what I'm about to show them how to install. Which do you prefer?

  3. where do you guys do your shows from? what programs do you use for editing ? what programs did you use on the intro! good show.

  4. We film in San Diego and use Final Cut Pro for editing. The intro was created by "FinalEcho". Thanks for watching!

  5. Very nice install, I LOVE my magnaflows – awesome job showing the before and after sounds.. 10*

  6. Although i had the pleasure of changing mine out with a lift, i can see how easy it was to do with jacks & stands. One thing i'm not 100% sold on is the removal of the muffler hangers, i don't think that was necessary. I didn't remove mine when i changed them out – but again, i had a lift, easier to get to i suppose. ? which magnaflows were these ? mine are the Magnaflow 3" aggressive catback 16674 exhaust with 4" tips.. and these look different than mine. again… AWESOME SHOW!!!

  7. Great vid, Magnaflows work great. Good thing you guys don't work on cars where I'm from in MI. It'd be mostly torches, WD40 and cursing! lol

  8. Watching this reminds me how much of a pain in the ass it was before I put dumps on my LX, sounds better and only a few minutes to remove the mufflers and h pipe

  9. great vid. there is that sound comment again. it is frustrating if trying to reveal bass freqs on the net. the welding tips are great, paying 600 isn't, learn specs and go ACME (cheaper). Anyone can do exhaust with a mig, keeping one piece isn't necessary, and of habit, I would be breaking just before axle anyway, no lift required, hook it all back up, tripling strength with a connector. Real diy is avoiding cost, but great vid anyway.

  10. If your afraid of the electric saw, you to use a pipe cutter for some cleaner cuts. Most plumming hardward stores should have them on sale. It may take a bit longer to cut but nothing accidentally gets cut.

  11. A note for anyone installing this system or any with overaxle pipes. Get a third set of jackstands and put them on the body near the lower control arm mounting points on the frame, then remoer the jackstands from under the rear end and let it droop. Problem solved, plenty of clearance to get the old pipe out and the new one in. Save you from cutting it up.

  12. i really like how the youtube comments become part of the official MOTORZtv website. very snazzy little piece of html you got going on. !!

  13. Sounds great, but that over the axel pipe work is discouraging me. I'd love to do the whole job on a warm Saturday w/o a lift. If I cut the pipes like in the video I'd still have to lift up the car fairly high to install the new ones yes?

  14. say if you wanted to upgrade the exhaust on a like a cavalier or say any car do you have to do anything with the headers or is that only if your putting strait pipes on? also how hard would this be to do this in your yard?

  15. say if you wanted to upgrade the exhaust on a like a cavalier or say any car do you have to do anything with the headers or is that only if your putting strait pipes on? also how hard would this be to do this in your yard?

  16. but in this case it sound better stock then with the aftermarket if you didn’t understand what i wrote

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