Ford Mustang Hellwig Sway Bar Installation (S02E15)

Chris Duke shows you how to install front and rear Hellwig anti-sway bars on a 2008 Ford Mustang GT to improve traction and cornering capabilities.


Hellwig Products
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Episode Synopsis

Hellwig Products has been a long time supporter of Motorz TV and this relationship started a year ago with the previous episode which featured their products on our F-150 project truck.  David Wheeler drove all the way down to not only help me with the install, but also share some great information about sway bars. I have to admit, I noticed the huge suspension improvements those Hellwig sway bars had on the truck as soon as I pulled it out onto the street. Every time I’ve driven the truck since I’ve appreciated the difference in the ride thanks to these sway bars. It is a must-have-mod for any truck or car.

A few weeks ago, David did it again by driving down here to San Diego, and this time helped us dramatically improve the suspension of our Mustang project vehicle. Again, the suspension differences were dramatic and heavily needed, especially after all the performance improvements we’ve been adding to it.  We had even more fun this time with David–proof of that is in the bloopers at the end. Be sure not to miss “sway bar golfing” at the very end of the episode.

To wrap up Season 2 with this episode 32, we decided to add a few new things to the production.  First, you’ll notice some new music in this episode provided by COLDWEST (See “Music”, below), in addition to some updated titling throughout the video (the “lower third” text that appears at the bottom of the screen), as well as a new segment called “Motorz Mod Money” which you’ll see toward the end of the episode right after the “PARTZ” segment.

Episode Notes

Swapping out your stock sway bars in exchange for some high performance sway bars is not that difficult, and something you can easily do in a few hours on a weekend.  All you need are a few basic tools (as covered in the episode), including a low profile floor jack and some jack stands.  Once you have one end of the vehicle jacked up, remove the old sway bar and then put on the new one.  Repeat for the opposite end.  It’s really that simple, however if you have not done it before you should watch this episode (or our previous Hellwig sway bar episode) for a great step-by-step how-to of the process.

We installed Hellwig Products’ part numbers for our 2008 Ford Mustang GT:

Part number 56705 (front sway bar) – Fits 2005-2009 Ford Mustang (S197)
Part number 56805 (rear sway bar)- Fits 2005-2009 Ford Mustang (S197)


This episode features music from COLDWEST.  “Snakeskinner”, “Ignition”, and a custom Motorz TV Intro.

  1. Just a quick question but I have a pontiac and they use metric fasteners, don't they do that at ford or have they not switched from SAE? Great show glad to see you back.

  2. Once again, MOTORZ TV raises the bar! Your episodes keep getting better and better! Congrats on completing your second season! Looking forward to season 3!

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  4. Thank you for the comment! 3 months ago all of our videos were accidentally deleted, and we had to re-upload them all. As a result, all view counts were lost. Thanks for helping build them back up again!

  5. Thank you for the comment! 3 months ago all of our videos were accidentally deleted, and we had to re-upload them all. As a result, all view counts were lost. Thanks for helping build them back up again!

  6. I have braces in that area on my 2011 GT. Can I remove them for the installation, they’re not holding anything right?

  7. I just swapped the sway bar on my 13 and it had that brace too. Its not a big deal, just 6 15 mm bolts, but 2 of them were hidden by the splash guard, so I had to take out all those 7 and 8 mm screws to take that off as well. Annoying, but easy.

  8. I noticed on the front stock sway bar it only had the 1 hole on each side, and it had enough room to make 2 more holes on each. Can you drill out the other 2 holes like the aftermarket one, and make the factory a little better?

  9. Don’t know why more people don’t watch this. I got new sway bars for my 2012 Stang and this video helped me install both in under 1.5 hours

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