Ford Mustang Complete Brake Upgrade Installation (S02E09)

Chris Duke shows you how to install a STILLEN performance brake upgrade kit consisting of cross-drilled and slotted sport rotors and high performance brake pads on a 2008 Ford Mustang GT.



Episode Synopsis

If your brakes are starting to squeak, it’s probably time to change your brake pads. But why take them to a shop and spend all that money on labor when you can do it yourself this weekend? And, while you’re at it, why not upgrade your rotors as well? All it takes is a set of jack stands, a floor jack, a few beers and a couple of hours.

As you can see from this episode, the process is fairly simple. Just jack up your car, remove a wheel, then the caliper bracket. If all you need to do is replace your pads, then you’re more-or-less set. The only tricky part to replacing your pads is generally the pistons in the brake calipers are auto adjusting, so they are going to be too tight for your new thicker brake pads. In order to open them up a bit, you’ll need a couple of tools. For the S197 Ford Mustang GT (2005-2009) you’ll need to grab a brake pad spreader for the front calipers and a brake piston tool for the rear which are both available at your local auto parts store for a few dollars.

The rotors are real easy to replace–just remove the old ones and put the new ones on. If there’s a metal retainer clip (as was the case on our Mustang), just cut it off–you don’t need to keep that around as it’s just used at the factory on the assembly line. The full step-by-step can be seen in this episode #26.

  1. Great video! I just replaced the brakes & rotors on my 09 Mustang! As for the Caliper tool on the real brake that people mentioned, I got one from Autozone for a 60.00 deposit and after I returned it the next day I got my deposit back. Made things go exponentially faster. Thanks for the vid!

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