Ford F-150 Hellwig Sway Bar Installation (S01E10)

Chris Duke shows you how to install Hellwig anti-sway bars on a lifted pickup truck to improve cornering traction and cornering capabilities. Guest star David Wheeler from Hellwig Products.

  1. I heard that before installing the bushings on, in addition to adding the lube, wrap the sway bar that comes into contact with the bushing with teflon tape to minimize squeaking later on after the lube has worn away.

  2. i like this video because the guy is actually laying on the ground doing the work like most of us. unlike other videos i have seen of more fortunate people using high speed equipment.

  3. @FlipMollc Definitely! Most vehicles come from the factory with one or both sway bars. They serve different purposes and can co-exist.

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  5. This is the first time I’ve seen one of your videos. It was outstanding. Now I’ve got to see all of them.

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  7. Chris please answer this question. Why did you leave out the part that most of the nuts are lock nuts that are a full blown pain in the ass the tighten? I just installed this bar and i had to buy all new regular nuts because the lock nuts are ridiculously hard to put in. Lock tight is much easier.

  8. StormTecify,I certainly agree with you about how hard the lock nuts are to tighten. I kept starting and then taking then back out thinking I was crossthreading. Then I begai to wonder if someone at the factory mixed up the nuts and bolts. I finally sprayed WD40 on them (and recommend that to anyone else) and that help alot.

  9. I just install mine today in the front and I am more then happy with the product quality. Great improvement on my truck. I install it by myself and all I can say its broke my arms. Worth the investment.

  10. Question: I understand the Hellwig sway bar has 3 different mounting holes… you failed to mention in this video which one you used. I’m curious to know which you used when doing the comparisons between the “before” and “after”, and if you experimented with the settings, and if so, how much each one alters the handling.

  11. I bought a rear bar for my f150. Have not had time to install yet. Cannot wait to see the difference.

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