Ford F-150 AMP Research PowerStep Installation (S01E09)

Chris Duke shows you how to install the AMP Research Power Step, the ultimate retractable running board for your truck or SUV.

  1. Best thing to do is to check AMP Research’s website. They’ll have an application guide there for you!

  2. So you have to remove the wire harness cover, and install some filmsy looking thing…hmmm i don’t like that.

  3. what a stupid way to wire it. splice all four tie them all together to 1 wire and hook it up in your dimmer switch. much easier

  4. Had mine installed on my 04 f150 SCAB, but only one side is working (Driver side), while the passenger is not. The two indicated colored wires are attached to the correct factory wires. Would there be a fuse for the passenger side door ajar or bad ground?

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