Fluids (S04E12)

Chris Duke shows you how change all the fluids in your vehicle including motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and more.

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Episode Notes

This is the season 4 finale! The new season 5 is on the way, though, so don’t change change that channel!

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in changing the fluids running throughout your vehicle? In this episode Chris first shows you the differences between all the fluids in your car or truck, and then how to change them all! Using our project Ford F-150 he shows you how to replace the gear oil in the rear differential, motor oil in the engine, and transmission fluid (and it gets a new transmission pan from PML!), coolant (antifreeze). Chris also shows you how easy it is to add new refrigerant to a Mazda 6 when your A/C starts warming up on you!

One fluid change we didn’t have time to cover in this episode was the brake fluid. The good news is that we covered this in great detail in our recent episode, “Big Brakes“, so be sure to check that out!

This sure is a messy episode, but it can be fun and you end up saving a lot of money by doing the labor yourself. Having the right tools definitely helps too!

This episode also has our regular segments, Partz and Letterz. In “Partz”, Chris talks about a really cool multi-battery charger from Craftsman that helps save workbench space, innovative new tires from General Tire, some awesome off-road wheels and tires from Dick Cepek, as well as some “green” products for your ride!


This episode features music from COLDWEST. “Snakeskinner”, “Ignition”, and an original song for the Motorz Intro.