Fire Up Better Mileage With Granatelli MPG Ignition Wires

Motorz_Granatelli IgnitionAlthough prices may fluctuate with the season, one thing about gasoline is always certain: it’s never cheap. This is especially true for those that use a truck regularly for work, in some cases everyday. The cost can quickly be compounded even further when hauling and towing is a routine procedure. There certainly are steps that can be taken to help increase your truck’s milage per gallon. For one of the most cost effective solutions available, install the MPG Plus Wires from Granatelli Motor Sports.

Ignition wires play an integral role in the overall efficiency of the engine. From increased horsepower and torque to considerable gains in fuel milage, there is practically no downside when it comes to upgrading ignition components. With Granatelli’s MPG Plus Wires, the promised gains may appear a little optimistic. However, the advertised fifteen percent increase in fuel milage may be, depending on driving style and conditions, close to the gains you can expect to see. The impact of a given set of ignition wires is determined by resistance: more of it equals less engine efficiency. Granatelli units are designed to offer the smallest resistance possible, thus providing maximum performance.

Designed for easy installation, it won’t take long for this upgrade to pay for itself. For more information and to purchase, head to the Granatelli Motorsports official website. For tips on how to install and much more, check out the video below to watch Chris guide you step by step.


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