Feeling The Blues: Four Timeless Factory Color Specials

Ford-Mustang_Shelby_GT350_2017_1280x960_wallpaper_06Light blue is one of those car colors that can either be intoxicatingly gorgeous or “eh”. Getting the shade right for a specific car’s body lines isn’t easy, but when it’s done right, the results can be incredible. Recently, there has been a resurgence of factory light blue specials, from muscle cars to JDM rockets and even full on supercars. To our delight, a number of them have us scrambling for the nearest ATM. Here are a few of the reasons why we’re saving our pennies…


Ford Mustang GT350

Here we were thinking the GT350 and GT350R were about as good as a car can get. Then, without warning, Ford released an absolutely bang-on blue color option. Combined with white stripes and black wheels, it’s a sharp mix of contrasts that come together beautifully. There are much more sinister color options available for the meanest Mustang, but this blue gives the already crisp body lines even more definition, along with newfound character. We’ll have one. Preferably yesterday.


You wouldn’t expect a car known for having a Saturday night attitude towards peace and love to come in light blue. Well, that’s exactly what Subaru did with the WRX STI. The result: it worked. Really, really well. We’ve seen a few of these in person, and as good as they look in pictures, it doesn’t do the real article justice. Known as Hyper Blue, it gives a lightness to the body lines not present in many other factory colors, making the car seem smaller and more aggressive. Pretty gutsy call given the stubbornness of WRX purists. But we’re delighted Subie went for it.

aston-martin-vanquish-blue-top-gearAston Martin Vanquish

Admittedly, this one isn’t entirely fair. Paint the Vanquish in any color you want and it’ll still be “who needs two kidneys” stunning. Dressing it in a head snapping blue just brings that much more to the surface. Frankly, anything we’d say wouldn’t do justice to the raw beauty present here. So we’ll just say it’s mind-blowingly good looking and move on. Perfection, perfected.


Lamborghini AventadorLamborghini Aventador

Painting a big Lamborghini V12 light blue shouldn’t work. At all. But with the Avendator, it does, and surprisingly well. It takes the stealth fighter from being simply brutal to having an artistic flare and elegance not found with bright orange or yellow. Matched with dark wheels and a white interior it’s a sight not to be missed. Not that you’ll be able to, since you’ll hear it coming from the next county over. Perhaps the best, and certainly most extreme mix of sharp lines and soft colors we’ve seen. Simply outstanding.

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