Featured Products at Website Improved

The episode pages at the MOTORZ website now better highlight the products used. Previously, the information was buried in the show’s notes further down the page, or did not exist at all.

Now the column on the right-side of the page features a photo, a brief description, and of course a link to visit a website for more information (you can also click the photo). Any other special information (such as discount promo codes) are also displayed there. For each product featured, a new box will appear.

You can check this out by going to the recent episode, Ford Mustang Makeover, or even an older one such as this STILLEN brake episode.

Several other recent episodes have been updated as well, and over time all the episodes will be updated to highlight the products, tools, and any services used during the filming of the episode.

This area will also display products featured in the PARTZ segment of the show!

Also check out the all-new PARTZ page which shows all the products in one place!


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