Extreme Garage Makeover (S04E08)

Chris Duke shows you how to do an extreme garage makeover using tools and Gladiator GarageWorks products available from the Sears Blue Tool Crew.

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Episode Notes

In this episode Chris Duke, who is featured in the current Sears Tools catalog, guts the Motorz TV garage studio and performs an extreme garage makeover using only products available from the Sears Blue Tool Crew. This includes all new wall and tool storage from Gladiator GarageWorks, as well as tools from Craftsman, DeWalt, Crescent, Channellock, Ingersol Rand, and many more.

Learn how easy it is to assemble and install Gladiator GarageWorks products, and all the different storage options they offer including their modular Gearbox garage cabinet solutions, tool chests, carts and their GearWall and GearTrack panels.

Shopping for tools at Sears with the help of the Blue Tool Crew is addicting, and you’ve got to have a place to store all those awesome new tools. There’s no better way to do it than with Gladiator GarageWorks!

Read this awesome Gladiator GarageWorks testimonial.

Episode Fun Facts

This episode was filmed over the course of 8 different days beginning in Sept 2010 and airing in February 2011, resulting in over 100 GB of HD video content using 3 different camera rigs, all edited down to 22 minutes for the half-hour TV show.


This episode features music from COLDWEST. “Snakeskinner”, “Ignition”, and a custom song for the Motorz Intro.

  1. @integraz32lover LOL! It was just my camera guy and I that day. I built the other 2 by myself prior to that one in the episode so it’s no big deal…

  2. @integraz32lover We all have our moments I guess, but for the most part No–we have so much fun filming this show we usually have to stop laughing and get serious before a take.

  3. @chunkyfunkymonkey28 Oh I think Nate did an excellent job with that. He’s clearly a bit green on video but he nailed all those bullet points perfectly!

  4. Those those tools are sweet that’s why I never go to sears because I would end up walking out with to much of that stuff and Chris you forgot the zoot!

  5. @bsl3216 I know the feeling… it’s like walking into a candy store every time I walk into the tools section. I didn’t forget the zoot… it’s just no longer a part of the show.

  6. hey chris i really like your show, i also saw that your a crafstman guy just like me but what do you think about snap on tools? have you ever used them? will you ever use them? are they really that much better than crafstman tools? because my friend recently bought some snap on ratchets and he keeps saying that craftsman is nothing compared to snap on. he says that just because snap on makes ratchets with swivel heads.

  7. @RoniisH In 2010 I produced 20+ videos. Keep in mind that when it comes to editing and distribution I’m a one-man show. Also see the previous video “Motorz TV February 2011 Update”. Thanks for watching! -Chris

  8. @003Mexicano well i have some input. snap on can be VERY expensive. but my dad is a mechanic and he does buy snap on, mainly becuase they are tough well designed and have a lifetime warrenty, hes just had a plastic mallet replaced, free of charge and it was also about 10 years old. so they are a company that you pay for what you get. some times though u dont need the most top quality stuff, so think if it siuts your needs

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