Extreme Garage Makeover: Motorz Mega Craftsman Christmas Giveaway Edition

Craftsman Tool SetFor billions of people around the world, certain locations are considered holy places. Areas where the spirit receives healing and miraculous things can occur. Those of us in the car religion know that holy shrine hath a name: the garage. By keeping the best tools and workspace in easy reach, it’s that much easier to take a project to the next level. Ready to step your garage game up substantially? Welcome to the 2015 Motorz Mega Craftsman Christmas Giveaway!

Regardless of your mechanical experience, the name Craftsman is probably familiar. As makers of professional grade tools at budget friendly prices, their combination of durability, performance and quality is unmatched. For the lucky winner of the Motorz Mega Craftsman Christmas Giveaway, they’re delivering a colossal amount of hardware. From cabinets to jack stands and, of course, complete tool sets, there is enough here to transform even well prepared workshops.

Craftsman Cabinet2First up, you’ll receive a 26 in. 4-Drawer Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Rolling Cabinet. Form marries function with this sharp unit, offering the flexibility of movable storage and a strength rating of up to 650 lbs. Each drawer is designed to handle 75 lbs. easily, all while moving effortlessly on ball-bearing slides. For security, the steel cabinet uses an integrated locking system to keep your prized possessions secure.

In need of a little more storage? The next item is Craftsman’s 40-Inch 11-Drawer Premium Heavy-Duty Rolling Cabinet. Think of this as the “some is good, more is better” approach. Instead of 650 lbs., you’re now looking at an impressive 1,200 lbs. weight limit. That means each individual drawer can now handle up to 100 lbs. no problem. You’ll notice some innovative features with this cabinet, including GRIPLATCH, which keeps drawers securely shut, even when not locked.

Now that you have a plethora of new space available, it’s time to put it to good use. With Craftsman’s 40-Piece Extreme Grip Mechanics Tool Set, that won’t be a challenge. As the name implies, this set is designed to provide grip in even the most challenging situations. In all, you’ll take home:

  • 1 – 3/8″ Drive Ratchet
  • 5 – 3/8″ Drive Sockets (7/16″-11mm, 1/2″-13mm, 9/16″-14mm’ 5/8″-16mm, 11/16″-17mm)
  • 4 – Wrenches (3/8″-10mm, 7/16″-11mm, 1/2″-12/13mm, 9/16″-14mm’)
  • 1 – Bit Driver
  • 15 – Screwdriver Bits
  • 14 – Hex Keys Inch/Metric

And for good measure, working under your car is about to become dramatically easier with Craftsman’s 3 ton Floor Jack with Jack Stands and Creeper Set. On its own, this high-power floor jack can safely lift 6,000 lbs., leaving over 19 inches of ground clearance for the included rolling creeper.

Incredibly, all of that only makes up a portion of our over $9,000 giveaway sweepstakes. How can you win it all? Simply enter the 2015 Motorz Mega Craftsman Christmas Giveaway!

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