EventDV Magazine Interviews Chris Duke

Have you ever wanted to know a little more about Motorz, its host, how it came about, what camera equipment is used, or pretty much anything else about the show? Look no further than Kyle Oliver’s impressively comprehensive article published in EventDV magazine–a popular print and online magazine for videographers.

After recently interviewing Chris Duke, Kyle shares with the world (for the first time) the complete background on Motorz, including how it started and the hiccups along the way. You’ll learn what hardware, lighting, and software is used, in addition to every piece of camera equipment we use on our show–right down to the model numbers.

It’s an amazing article with great insight. Thank you for all your hard work, Kyle! You can go read it now!

Online Version

Motorz Skills: Producing a Hit DIY TV Show

Print Version

Subscribers of the print version of EventDV magazine will see the full 7 page article on pages 40-46 in the new October 2011 issue. Here’s the opening 2-page spread!

(Click photo to enlarge)

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