Enter The Motorz & Superwinch 2015 Big Pull Giveaway!

MotorzGiveawaySuperwinchFor regular Motorz viewers, odds are Superwinch is not a new name. Ranging from synthetic ropes to complete towing and winching systems, there’s a very good reason why its one of the premier names in the industry. Ready to bolt on your own Superwinch system? You’re in luck! With the 2015 Big Pull Giveaway, you can take home the Superwinch Talon 12.5 SR and ROAM system!

Now underway through the end of October, just by entering the official contest page, you have the chance to win more than $2,000 in top-flight Superwinch gear. Not familiar with the Talon 12.5 SR? Using AmSteel-Blue synthetic ropes, this epic winch system can handle up to an 18,000 lbs pull. To give some perspective, that’s significantly more than the dead weight of two Hummer H1’s. On top of that, it can pull in that huge payload at a rate of 62-feet per minute.

Additionally, the Talon 12.5 includes a handheld remote with LED lighting and a braking system that transmits no heat to synthetic rope. Looking for a little bit more? Not a problem. The giveaway winner will also claim the industry-unique Superwinch ROAM, an add-on to several Superwinch systems, including the Talon line.

ROAM not only allows you to control your winch from a smartphone, but also provides critical data measurement at the same time. Including amp draw, motor temperature, and approximate load and line speed, ROAM is unlike any other winch control system on the market. In the middle of nowhere without cell service? That’s what ROAM is made for, using a secure, password protected Wi-Fi network, your winch is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Ready for your chance to win it all? Simply head to the official Motorz entry page on Facebook, fill in a few basic details and you’re ready to go. Best of luck in the 2015 Big Pull Giveaway!

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