Eleanor Returns with 3dCarbon’s Center Grille

Motorz_3dCarbon GrilleFor fans of fast Mustangs or even just movies with fast cars, the name “Eleanor” needs no introduction. Whether it’s the 1971 Mustang from the original Gone in 60 Seconds or the remake’s 1967, either pony is truly an icon of film and auto history. Unfortunately, dropping six figures for a perfect replica of the ’67 movie Mustang is a stretch for any budget. Plus, even for the true diehards, it’s not exactly a daily driver. However, you can give that classic Eleanor look to your 2010-2012 Ford Mustang GT with the 3dCarbon Center Fog Light Grille.

This is one of the easiest modifications to make to your car’s exterior, yet the change adds the dramatic and aggressive look of the original hero car. The 3dCarbon grille removes the factory pony emblem while relocating the standard fog lights to the center of the main grille. To keep the overall front design of the car coherent, this replacement uses the same style honeycomb pattern for an OEM quality finish. Made to fit any 2010-2012 GT Mustang and Boss 302, this grille is only compatible with V6 models when combined with the 3dCarbon Boy Racer body kit.

To learn more and to purchase, head to Americanmuscle.com. For a full overview of this grille and many more Mustang visual upgrades, Chris walks you through it all in the Motorz episode below!


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