Eibach Suspension Upgrade

Here on Motorz, we focus on every aspect of your vehicle. While it’s great to have quite a few ponies under the hood, if your suspension isn’t of an equally high caliber all that power might be going to waste. To fully utilize everything under your hood it’s a great idea to upgrade your suspension as well.

If you’re wondering where to turn, look no further. Eibach offers a wide range of performance suspension upgrades for both import and domestic vehicles. Recently Chris upgraded the springs, struts and sway bars on a 2008 Ford Mustang. The kit we featured on Motorz offers adjustable ride height so you can adjust all four corners of your ride. How much so? Anywhere from eight-tenths of an inch to a full three inches. That means you can compensate for various weight distribution, road surfaces, desired ride comfort and more.

Before you turn the first bolt there are a few easy steps you can take to make installation easier. First off, measure the rims on all four corners from the wheel nut to the fender lip. Keep these numbers handy for adjusting the ride height after installation. Second, turn the wheel all the way towards you before getting to work. This will provide you with extra space to work with in the wheel well.

When it comes to suspension work, remember: it’s all about the details. While some bolt on parts simply require removal and replacement of bolts, suspension work gets considerably more complicated. Double and triple check which bolts get removed, which to keep on but loosen and which to leave alone. While it can take extra time, making sure you do a quality job when installing key components ensures safety and top performance out on the road.

You know those buddies that are just as crazy about cars as you are? This is a great time to have them help you out. Suspension upgrades involve removing and reinstalling linkages both in the wheel well and under the hood. Thus, having a buddy help you out not only quickens the process but can make it safer.

Don’t be too surprised when you notice that your Eibach coil-overs are somewhat smaller than your stock components. This simply means that you’re getting much higher performance upgrades with the added benefit of weight reduction. As any car guy with track experience will tell you, the lighter your unsprung mass, the better your overall suspension performance will be.

Want to know more? Check out the Eibach website and watch Chris install some of their components below.

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