Dupli-Color Can Take The Heat

You just spent time rebuilding that motor for your project, or you’ve just finished doing some major work on the family vehicle. In either case you’ll want to make sure that you have your investment protected and looking great in every way possible. That’s where Dupli-Color engine enamel comes in.

Dupli-Color engine enamel will protect your engine block and other accessories from oil, dirt, brake fluid, transmission fluid other things that can damage your engine or components over time. It also provides excellent heat dissipation and can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees! It’s easy to use conical nozzle makes application easy and mess free. It comes in a variety of colors, too!

Check out Chris in this Partz segment showing you just how easy it is to apply and how great it makes your engine look!

For more information on Dupli-Color and other great items check out the entire episode it was featured in here!


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