Driverless Cars and Lowrider Mayhem: This Week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

Motorz_ViralVehicleVideosEvery Viral Vehicle Videos post seems to cover new ground. This week continues that trend with a mix of comedy, important safety information and what can only be described as automotive mayhem. No matter what you are expecting, odds are there are a few surprises waiting. In other words, take a seat, get comfortable and get ready to enjoy newly viral videos!

It’s a Friday. The week is over. Let’s start off the weekend with a genuinely funny video. While you may have seen variations of this one before, the “driverless car” prank is executed beautifully this time around. On a scale of one to ten, one being typical and ten spotting a Yeti, seeing a completely empty car drive through town must be securely in the 9.9 region of the strangeness scale. From confusion to laughter and almost every conceivable emotion in-between, check out the video below to see them all!


On a more serious note, texting and driving is a deadly issue. It is a bad habit that just about all of us have found ourselves doing. Yet, no matter what statistic you look into, taking your eyes off the road at travel speeds is one of the most dangerous things to do behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it is incredibly tempting to glance down for a moment. To remind us of why that is a seriously bad decision, VW came up with a bit of messaging genius. Check out the video below, it is one of the best and most important ads in a long time.


Now that we have seen a serious video, time for a little ridiculousness. Had a stressful week? Feel like you barely made it to the weekend? We promise it is nearly impossible to watch this next clip without at least laughing. Low riders with massively powerful hydraulics fighting each other in a closed dirt arena. Take a moment and let that sink in. If you want just senseless, hilarious mayhem, it does not get much better or more random than this video.



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