Digital Guard Dawg 2 Go Keyless Makes It Painless

Do you have a vehicle without a keyless entry system? Or perhaps the system you currently have is old with very limited functions? Well if that’s the case then you should take a look at the 2 Go Keyless setups available from Digital Guard Dawg.

Their advanced 2 Go Keyless system can easily give your ride the additional benefit of hands-free entry, push button start, and a full feature alarm. The RFID credit card-sized iKey transponder fits easily in your pocket and will lock and unlock your doors depending on your proximity to your vehicle.

The OEM style design push button start system literally makes your keys a thing of the past. They even have an emergency bypass card in case you lose your iKey or the battery goes dead. All in all Digital Guard Dawg’s systems provide a complete solution to your hands free and alarm needs.

Check out Chris in the video below as he goes through all the options this system provides!

Make sure you check out the full episode it was featured in to see Chris talk about this and other great DIY related topics here!


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