Crower Camshafts Crank Out More

brian-crower-stage-2-272-camshafts-mitsubishi-evo-8-2003-2005-bri-bc0111-2047-13865-lrgAs the component that directly transfers engine power to the driveline, few parts are more important than the camshaft. Considering its direct connection to the engine, making sure your cam can handle large quantities of power is critical. Whether you regularly head to the track or have a high-powered daily driver, get all that power effectively to the ground with Crower camshafts.

With over 50 years of experience, Crower has a huge range of available cams. Five performance levels are offered to suit your specific vehicle. If you’re looking for a stock replacement or a unit made for full on, ultra high performance competition cars, Crower has it and everything in-between. Considering the wide range of variables that go into finding just the right cam fit, you can select profiles that include shape, operational RPMs, overall engine stress, usual running conditions and much, much more.

Unlike the majority of aftermarket or even factory manufacturers, Crower lets you profile your cam precisely. With names ranging from “Street Roller” to “Ultra-Action,” it doesn’t take long to discover these parts are made for any range of performance requirements. Stock or stock car racing, if you need it, Crower has it.

While this is a short summary, be sure to head to Crower’s official website and our Partz page for the complete breakdown of these epic camshafts. Take it a step further and watch the video below to see Chris put these cams into action!


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