Craftsman’s C3 Impact Driver Kit Drills Home Any Project

Craftsman-C3-Lithium-Ion-3-Speed-Impact-Driver-Kit-300It is difficult to overstate the importance of a solid, reliable and powerful impact driver. Virtually any job, especially in the automotive sector, will require one for a large variety of tasks. During nearly every Motorz episode we use such tools numerous times to not only get the job done well but as efficiently as possible. Considering the huge projects we regularly take on, only the most professionally made drills will do. With Craftsman’s C3 Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Kit, that is exactly what you will find.

Craftsman has established a reputation for producing the highest quality, toughest tools on the market. The C3 Driver certainly does not let this legacy down. A three-speed selector makes variable RPM selection an easy to use option for applying the precise amount of needed force. From a standstill to the very powerful 3,200 RPM setting, switching from a delicate touch to brute force can be done in seconds. Even more impressive is the 1,750 in-lb of torque that this driver delivers. That is far and away enough power for even the most demanding jobs.

Safety is second to none with LED lights guiding your way even in dimly lit areas. Additionally, a secure grip is guaranteed with an Overmold Grip reinforced with Micro-Texture for a comfortable but very firm fit. For jobs that require consistent swapping of drill bits, the Auto-Load chuck allows for quick changes. Besides the driver, the kit includes a lithium-ion battery for uninterrupted power, a one-hour charger and 3 quick change screwdriver bits.

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