Craftsman XCP Batteries Add More Power To Your C3 Tools

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 1.01If you’re working on a big job, one of the absolute last things you want to do is wait around for your power tools to charge up. Here at Motorz, we certainly know how that feels. We constantly use Craftsman C3 tools and due to that heavy use, we are always charging batteries.

For a long time Craftsman has offered their 19.2 volt battery packs in two sizes: compact and high capacity. However, they have just launched a battery that is going to make life much more convenient: The XCP.

Offered in the same sizes as before, the XCP offers the same look but with a much more potent package. Lasting up to four times longer with 20 percent more torque, these batteries add serious performance to your tools. Better yet, they charge rapidly. A full charge requires only a half-hour for the compact size and one hour for the high capacity.

Working in demanding conditions? That is no longer a concern with XCP batteries. Designed to be as rugged as the job demands, they can operate in temperatures ranging from five degrees fahrenheit to over 150.

Getting caught off guard with a battery dying unexpectedly won’t be an issue anymore, either. A fuel gauge on the front of the battery indicates the amount of power remaining. The light changes from green to yellow and then to red when power is getting low.

Feel like more info? Stop by your local Sears store or head to the Sears website. Check out the video below to see Chris give a full overview of the XCP batteries!

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