Craftsman Screw*d Reality Show

You already know from watching Motorz that in order to get the job done correctly, you must have the right tools. Thanks to our awesome partnership with the Sears Blue Tool Crew, we have all the tools to show you how it’s done. The only thing left for you to do is to watch an episode to find out how and when to use the tools, then head out to your local Sears store and pick up the exact same tools Chris uses in every episode. It just doesn’t get any easier, folks.

But what if you’ve never touched a tool in your life and you were dropped into a situation that required you to use all sorts of tools in order to figure your way out? In Craftsman’s new reality show, that’s exactly what’s going on–but there’s a twist. They’re relying on you to help out. Alan Weischedel from Lebanon, Oregon is a self-proclaimed “unhandyman”. Between now and October 23rd, you can watch him attempt to survive Craftsman’s “intense, high-risk too and survival challenges” live online at the Craftsman Facebook page, or Craftsman’s Screw*d website.

But why just watch him squirm his way through these challenges? The producers of the show drop him in the middle of nowhere (like the Bayou) to fend for himself. You can help Alan, train him, and give him advice live on the spot via Twitter or Facebook! The goal is to turn this unhandyman into the ultimate handyman, through your advice.

Craftsman told us yesterday that next week Alan will be dropped into a situation involving a vehicle, and asked that we help spread the word to our huge automotive audience and help poor ol’ Alan out. It all goes down on Wednesday and Thursday of next week (9/21 and 9/22).

Your advice is fed to Alan through an earpiece and also displayed on-screen. He responds to tweets, while he’s working away. It is a very cool concept and you can see a recap of the first drop in the Bayou, below, along with more information about the show.

Please help Alan (@screwd_alan) and be sure to use the #motorz hash tag if you use Twitter!

For more information, watch the videos below or check out the Craftsman Facebook page, or Craftsman’s Screw*d website.

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