Rugged Custom Seat Covers From CoverCraft

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 8.36Having a car you truly enjoy is a great experience  In fact, one of the few things better is to have a great group of people to share it with. Whether it’s your family, a group of buddies or even the family pet, some of the best times can be had driving. However, not everyone is always quite as clean as you like to keep your ride. Keeping your seats clean can be a serious chore and even can lead to shorter material life if not done properly. To help keep the interior of your vehicle free from wear and tear, SeatSavers from CoverCraft give your seats the protection they need.

These are not your fathers seat covers, though. Coming straight from the factory with a custom fit designed just for your vehicle, SeatSavers require no tools to install. Although they are comfortable, these seat covers are made from tough materials that are built to last. Picking the kids up from soccer practice, taking the dog to the park, playing football with the guys or driving home from a long day of work? SeatSavers are built to handle it all while keeping your seats in factory condition.

Ever have a bad experience with plastic seat covers? No one enjoys having a sweaty back after a long drive, which is why SeatSavers are made of breathable fabric. No sweat, plus you’ll avoid the sticking feel of other non-fabric covers.

When your seats do get dirty it is less than fun to break out the scrubber and clean every inch. With SeatSavers, simply remove the covers and put them in the washer/dryer when they start showing wear.

One of the toughest things to do is keeping your interior from UV light damage. Many drivers put covers under their windshield or use car covers to try and avoid fading. With SeatSavers, your actual seats remain safely protected from any UV light as well.

Best of all, even with the ruggedness and long life span, you do not need to compromise style. CoverCraft seat covers come in three different fabrics along with fourteen different colors and patterns.

For more information head to the CoverCraft website and check out the video below to see Chris review the SeatSavers!

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