Countdown to SEMA Show 2011: 2 Days To Go!

The SEMA Show Crunch continues, with just 2 days to go!

We are all anxious here at Motorz, completing last minute preparations, packing up the Motorz F-150, making lists of things we shouldn’t (but most likely will forget), going over meeting notes, and making sure we know where everyone will be located – we cannot help but feel that giddy school-boy feeling as the big day nears.

I mean, we’re headed off to Sin City, for a week of the biggest and coolest Automotive Trade show around! Who would’t be excited?

In celebration of The Crunch, we are reliving special Motorz Moments from our past.

While our countdown to the biggest automotive show in the universe continues, check out this blast from our past…

2010 SEMA Show: UFC Fighter Rampage Jackson Tells Chris that he’s stronger!


While this little clip wasn’t in an actual episode (sadly it was left on the cutting room floor as it was shot via iPhone) – we did post this outtake (and a series of others) on our Youtube Page. This was a moment Chris will likely cherish for quite some time.

I know the crew does!

Check back tomorrow for more!

Chris Duke and the entire Motorz Crew will be at the show again this year. Look for them and be sure to stop ’em and say Hi!


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