Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Featured On The Motorz Jeep Wrangler JK At SEMA 2016

2014-jeep-wrangler-motorz-project-vehicleWe’re excited to be coming to you live as SEMA 2016 ramps up! Not only are we attending (Superwinch booth #31017, South Hall) – we’re showcasing one of the most eye-grabbing project vehicles we’ve ever built. Though it started life as a 2014 Jeep Wrangler JK, one glance is all it takes to see how little has been left stock. While we’re keeping it under wraps for now, including a sneak-peak earlier this week, we can highlight one of the most important modifications we made: Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires.

How’s this for a statement: the Discoverer STT Pro is the most advanced, extreme tire Cooper has put on the market to date. Some tires are designed to look the part. The STT Pro takes it quite a lot further. This hardcore off-road tire has been engineered to handle even the most brutal terrain with ease, maintaining traction and vehicle control in nearly any situation. Yet, even with its intense emphasis on all-terrain, the STT Pro doesn’t sacrifice daily usability or roadholding.

That combination is thanks to a design that incorporates 3-Ply Armor-Tek3 Carcass Protection, a silica tread compound, aggressive 3-2 center rib design, side-biters and more, wrapped in an advanced mud terrain tire. Taking all of that into account, what you end up with is a tire that’s 50% tougher than standard 2-ply tires, yet with reduced road noise, unmatched mud traction and a smoother ride.

The best way to sum up the STT Pro is that it takes Cooper’s substantial experience in producing ultra high-performance off-road tires and rolls it into one incredible offering. There’s a reason we are proud to feature it on our project Wrangler: it’s the best off-road tire with on-road usability that’s currently on the market.

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